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If you have recently discovered that you have a food intolerance to cheese, lactose or any other ingredients then you are probably considering vegan cheese as an alternative. If you have to give up dairy due to food intolerance or a specific intolerance to dairy then it does not mean that you have to miss out on some of the ultimate foods that were a massive part of your diet. If you are looking for dairy alternatives then there are plenty around, and there are also some delicious cheeses etc that you must get stuck into. The Independent recently revealed the nine best vegan kinds of cheese, highlighting that not all is lost if you have a dairy intolerance.

1) Dairy Free Cheese – Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s have a deliciously free-from, original coconut based alternative to dairy cheese if you are suffering from a dairy intolerance. For those who are suffering from a dairy intolerance, this delicious food would be perfect for you. Sainsbury’s describe it as a Coconut oil and soya, protein-based alternative to soft cheese.

2) Free From Violife Block Cheese – Tesco

Tesco offers a free from dairy cheese that is prepared with coconut oil. Their website describes it as melting great, containing coconut oil and vitamin B12, as well as being free from dairy, soya, gluten, lactose and nuts! It is also free from preservatives and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Even though you know have a dairy intolerance and these products are dairy free you should carefully check the ingredients to make sure there are no issues.

3) Dairy Free Mature Cheddar

If you need dairy free, cheddar cheese from Ocado, there is a delicious dairy free alternative to cheddar, which is made with coconut and added calcium and vitamins. This product description is tangy and taste, and can be used as sliced, grated or even used in cooking. The shop lists it as free from dairy, lactose, soya, gluten and nuts. It is the perfect alternative to cheese if you are suffering from a dairy intolerance or any other sort of food intolerance.

Dairy Intolerance information

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