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Can an Elimination Diet Cause Symptoms?

Commencing an elimination diet isn’t easy, especially since you’re often having to remove foods you regularly consume from your diet. Most people begin an elimination diet with the goal of getting rid of some uncomfortable symptoms. But sometimes, those symptoms...

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The Truth: Food Intolerance Testing vs Elimination Diets.

Many people argue that an elimination diet is superior to food intolerance testing, or that testing is better and more scientific and beneficial than the elimination diet. At Sensitivity Check, we don’t follow either of these narratives. Read on to learn the truth...

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Food Sensitivities and Obesity

Food-specific antibodies are what testing facilities use to determine food sensitivities. Heightened levels of food-specific IgG antibodies is also associated with several different health conditions. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and even major depressive...

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Kick Off the Year Right with a Food Intolerance Test

A new year is fast approaching and with it, many of us are planning a new approach to our diets. After a few days (or weeks) of indulging over the holidays, we’re looking for ways to undo all the damage in January. One way to help you get back on track is with a food...

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5 Tips for Overcoming Christmas Bloating

Christmas time is full of family, celebrations and food. We all chow down on gingerbread men, mince pies and turkey over with our loved ones. It’s fair to call Christmas dinner a bit of a feast – especially if you have the whole family over! So, the last thing you...

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