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Take control of your social life this Summer

This Summer is going to be absolutely MASSIVE, and at Sensitivity Check we think everybody deserves the chance to enjoy it! That includes people are suffering from a food allergy. Think of it this way... Our favourite songs blasting out at night time in the garden,...

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Seasonal allergies and how to deal with them

Hay fever season is approaching which means you will have to know which allergies will flare up this summer and how you will be determined to treat them! Not only is hay fever just around the corner, but so is Allergy Awareness Week (22nd-28th April). So, we thought...

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Alternative cheeses if you have a dairy intolerance

If you have recently discovered that you have a food intolerance to cheese, lactose or any other ingredients then you are probably considering vegan cheese as an alternative. If you have to give up dairy due to food intolerance or a specific intolerance to dairy then...

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Cutting down your bloated stomach

To get rid of your bloated stomach, the secret is in your diet! This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to many of you, but a good and healthy diet which is balanced and nutritious helps you to optimise your weight. However, we will throw in a surprise for you, and...

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Following the three step process

An intolerance test can help you to discover your own allergies and intolerances. This is important because if you do not identify your intolerances then you can experience a wide range of issues which could affect both your work and social life. Below are three...

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The different stages of an elimination diet

We've all been there. When you are experiencing intolerance symptoms like headaches, brain fog, digestive issues, and even a bloated stomach! The hardest thing is we usually do not even know what has caused these symptoms. Well, there is one easy way to find out: an...

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