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Sensitivity & Intolerance Blog

The most up-to-date food sensitivity, intolerance & wellness advice

Could a Food Intolerance Test Get Rid of my IBS Pain?

Living in pain, all of your life is not an option that anyone wants to put up with, nor should you. If you are someone who lives with IBS pain on a regular basis, you may be looking for some support in dealing with the flare-ups. It’s possible that a food intolerance...

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3 Signs You’re Dealing with a Fish Allergy

An allergy is an allergy. When you have one, you know that you have to adjust your life. However, knowing that you have an allergy and what you’re allergic to are two different things entirely. If you think you might be dealing with a fish allergy but you aren’t sure...

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Are Food Allergies Genetic?

At first glance, food allergies seem to be random. Some people in families have serious ones, and others are skipped over entirely and are allergy-free. Realistically speaking, though, allergies are thought to be related to genetic in a lot of cases. If there is a...

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How to Eliminate Bloating (once and for all!)

When it gets bad enough, dealing with bloating can cause us to avoid going out and eating with loved ones, or it can cause us to wear loose-fitting clothes constantly. For some, it can even create a negative spiral of constantly feeling as though you are bursting out...

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Can Going Gluten Free Help My Bloated Stomach?

We all know what it feels like to suddenly have a boated stomach. Whether it was caused by medication, eating too quickly, fizzy drinks or a food intolerance. Bloating isn’t fun - it can make us feel lazy and irritable and has no place in our day to day lives. But if...

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Identifying Caffeine Sensitivity

Caffeine is a wondrous drug. It has weight loss benefits, helps many a student through their degrees and is favoured by the vast majority of office workers. But not everyone can easily handle the psychoactive stimulant. In fact, many unknowingly put up with caffeine...

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