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Navigating food sensitivities throughout the year is hard. It’s even harder during this season since spooky Halloween sensitivities can hide where you least expect to find them. From disastrous food intolerance reactions to generally feeling unwell and not knowing what’s going on, it all adds some fright — and not the fun kind — to this season. If you want to arm yourself with knowledge and experience to help you get maximum fun, consider our ultimate body health test and all of the ways it can help.

Top tips for dealing with spooky Halloween sensitivities

One of the key areas of Halloween is the food that you eat. From themed meals to trick-or-treating candy, there is no shortage of opportunities for food options. So, how will you deal with food sensitivities and still enjoy the festivities? Can you enjoy Halloween from a healthy eater’s point of view? Certainly! Check out the different sectors.

Incorporate healthy treats

Sure, you want to have some themed treats when you host a Halloween party. But you don’t necessarily have to make them all related to junk food. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Halloween treats for their theme but not their sugar.

For example, fruit smoothies that you serve as “vampire blood”. If you want to get even more themed, you can try out things like pumpkin muffins or soup when you go to carve out your Halloween pumpkin. You can also go classic and make celery snacks that look like fingers, etc. There is no shortage of choices, and there are plenty of recipes online to help you on your healthy Halloween adventure.

Plan for food sensitivities

Once you’ve got a few choices for Halloween treats and options, don’t forget to factor in food sensitivities and allergies. Even if you are okay with the options that you’re serving, someone else may not be. So, deliberately plan for that. The best way to do that is to pick up some cheap but fun Halloween toys and themed activities or novelty items that will be given to those who can’t have your food options. Of course, you’ll want to give the option of food or non-food gifts to those without sensitivities or allergies since some people will prefer that without a food issue-related cause.

Prepare for trick-or-treating

When you’re looking at preparing your family for trick-or-treating on Halloween itself, you’ll want to plan for it carefully and intentionally. You’ll want to start out on the right foot when it comes to the evening. And, of course, the best way to do that is through the stomach! Or something like that.Top tips for dealing with spooky Halloween sensitivities

Take the time to ensure that everyone at your table eats a nutritious meal before trick-or-treating. Not only will it be good for counteracting any snacking later on, but it will also guarantee that everyone involved has enough stamina and fuel to get through this long and exciting evening! You can still make it a fun, themed event by serving pumpkin dishes with as many spooky elements as possible.

Know what you’re dealing with

The last component for proper holiday prep is to know what is healthy and safe for you and what isn’t. Firstly, take the time to educate yourself on your body’s nutrition needs. Your GP can help you out with that. Secondly, get an ultimate body health test that will help you know what’s going on that you aren’t even aware of in your body. This offers you the accurate information you need to plan your Halloween perfectly.

Your health is more than just the food that you eat

Don’t forget to go a little wider in your Halloween plans than just your diet. Your best healthy Halloween should focus on a few other components to help you get a well-rounded holiday that you help you enjoy future holidays with the same mentality. Below are the key ingredients!

Skin health

This is one area that many forget! If you are wearing costume make-up, masks, false eyelashes, and wigs, your skin will take some damage from it. In fact, any or all of those things can cause skin breakouts, infections, and more. If you have sensitive skin, consider skipping those accessories! Or, contact a dermatologist for their opinion on how to care for your skin before and after use!

Warmth and comfort

Since Halloween is firmly in the autumn season, be mindful of the temperatures when planning costumes for your little ones and yourself! The chilly temperature can make layering a requirement for both health and comfort. After all, who wants to cut their night short because they are cold?

The other detail for comfort during this time of year is to plan your route for well-lit streets. Not only is there a lot of foot and road traffic on Halloween night, but it also gets dark early and can cause a visibility risk for drivers.

Stay on track

If you are especially health conscious or on a GP-recommended diet and regime for your health, try to keep that a priority. This includes eating right and working out even if you intend to indulge a bit for multiple days (2). Any good deed you can do for your body and health will make a positive difference.

If you aren’t sure how to properly care for yourself regarding your metabolism, gut microbiome, or nutritional balance, get some support from the detailed analysis that an ultimate body health test will give you.

Get off track? Be kind to yourself

It’s normal to go a little overboard when you are enjoying yourself. There is no benefit to beating yourself up over it or punishing yourself through denial. Accept what happened and keep focused on your healthy diet after the fact. We are human, and Halloween is only once a year!

The spooky season offers fun, frightful adventures and creativity in your meals and snacks. When planning a Halloween that no one will ever forget, remember these tips for yourself and your whole family! If you’re looking to solve those spooky Halloween sensitivities, look no further than our ultimate body health test.

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