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This Summer is going to be absolutely MASSIVE, and at Sensitivity Check we think everybody deserves the chance to enjoy it! That includes people are suffering from a food allergy. Think of it this way… Our favourite songs blasting out at night time in the garden, BBQ blazing with all those delicious foods, the sun still shining at 8pm. This sounds like the ideal summer for many of us… UNLESS you have discovered that you have a food allergy or an allergy to pollen! We know that you cannot always enjoy a BBQ if you are allergic to meat or cannot eat traditional outside foods, so make sure you check out the Sensitivity Check website. With our help, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying your year, especially as we have taken a food intolerance test.

Identifying your food allergy or intolerance

If you want to enjoy the summer then a food intolerance test and discovering your food allergy is so important. Your time is now as you begin to juggle your diet and start eating the right foods for you. Eliminate foods like wheat and meat and be a happier and healthier you. Get one step closer to health by alleviating your symptoms and enjoying the summer that you deserve.

Be Clean and Healthy!

Fundamentally, it is important that we don’t let our food allergy or intolerance spoil our fun. There are many ways we can do this. Being clean and healthy encourages us to make the most of our great weather. If we know what food we are sensitive to, then we know what foods we have to avoid. It is now a lot easier to turn down a food item because you know that it may be causing you harm! It’s time to enjoy your summer and more importantly, enjoy your meals!

Food sensitivities in summer

This is because once we have identified the food that we have a sensitivity to, we can now plan our summer days. Whilst it is easy for us to plan for when at home, it can be more difficult when we are out and about with friends. Knowing that we are in full control of our body can help us relax.

Ultimately the effects of food sensitivities can be largely avoidable, which allows us to have the life we deserve. Take a food intolerance test today with Sensitivity Check and identify yours. Think of it like this, the sooner you act, the sooner you will get rid of any unpleasant reactions which may come with food sensitivities.

For more advice on food allergy and intolerances, whether you would like an intolerance or allergy test, or just want some advice on doing your own self-monitoring, the customer service team at are always to help, on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week. Just pop us an email!

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