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There are some people out there who always know exactly what to buy for their loved ones each year. But those are a slim percentage of people. Most of us struggle with what to get for our favourite people. Since we are getting ready to start researching earnestly for Black Friday gift ideas for those nearest and dearest, let’s break down the science of picking the perfect gifts! Below are some helpful tips to support you in doing it easily and with minimal stress.

Forget thinking outside the box

There’s a lot of advice out there that will tell you to think outside the box. Take the time to get that creativity going and find something special that your partner or family member would never think of themselves. This is all well and good if “unique” is the main focus point when you are shopping.

But why not take a different approach by relieving yourself of that pressure? Your special person doesn’t need an idea that no one’s thought of before. They deserve something heartfelt, practical, and special. Do you know what fits the bill perfectly for all of those things? The gift of health, it turns out.

Health is the “invisible gift”

When you give health to someone, it is invisible. So, many people skip right over it for something tangible instead. The thing is, good health can be challenging to maintain. A whopping 30% of the UK population has at least one long-term condition. Many have more than one, too.

The thing is, keeping your health as good as possible is going to be overflowing with benefits. Regardless of the underlying health condition or conditions that you have, keeping your health in as good shape as possible can reduce the risk of a lot of diseases. For example, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions!

When you look at it like that, how can you not see health as one of the most essential Black Friday gift ideas? All that’s left now is to figure out how you will give someone health! We’ve got that covered, too.

Top health gift ideasSensitivity Testing This Black Friday

Sure, you can give them an apple corer or a juicer, which will give them good health practically. But why not go with something intangible that goes beyond fruits and veg and gets to the root issue around food and health?

Among the popular health conditions, allergy was the most commonly reported! While you can’t exactly give someone the cure to a health condition, you can do your part to help them understand what is going on in their bodies. Testing is going to be a crucial detail for that. And we’ve got just the tests to help you bring health to everyone.

Standard sensitivity testing for you and your partner

Food sensitivities are widespread and can create problems for couples who want to enjoy meal prep and healthy lifestyles together. A standard sensitivity test for couples can help you and your special someone get to the bottom of food sensitivity items once and for all for a better future.

Standard sensitivity testing for the whole family

If you like the sound of that, then you might also be interested in family standard sensitivity testing so that everyone can get the results they need and deserve for a better health profile. It can be a great way to make health a priority for every family member, too.

Ultimate testing for couples

For those who want to leave “no stone unturned” when it comes to sensitivity testing, there is also couples ultimate sensitivity testing. This is an excellent choice for those who eat various foods and use unique ingredients regularly.

Family-wide ultimate testing

Do you have young ones with concerning symptoms? Or do you just want to be prepared for any possible eventuality? If so, family ultimate sensitivity testing can provide the information you want and need for each household member. This is an excellent gift for your family or for a young family in your life that could use the extra information!

No matter who you’re shopping for, our Black Friday gift ideas will offer you the blended benefit of necessary knowledge with accessible health. Plus, our test options are available for up to 80% off this Black Friday so that they are practical and convenient for those on limited budgets.

While you don’t often hear about health as a gift for someone you love, it’s hard to see how this could be anything other than a truly thoughtful and heartfelt present. With tests like these and health facts to help you see how relevant they are, you’ll have the motivation to find your way to the right test for you and everyone in your family this season.

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